Monopoly cheat sheet

Monopoly cheat sheet. Explore our ultimate gaming quick reference for Monopoly.

Master Monopoly with this essential cheat sheet, covering the basics of the game, strategic tips, and crucial advice for dominating the board and outsmarting your opponents.

Thee Basic

Basic Rules

  • Objective: Be the last player remaining with any money.
  • Start: Each player starts with $1,500, divided as follows: two each of $500, $100, and $50; six $20; five each of $10, $5, and $1.
  • Rolling: Players take turns rolling two six-sided dice and moving that number of spaces around the board.
  • Buying Property: If you land on an unowned property, you may buy it for the price listed on the board. If you choose not to buy, the property is auctioned to the highest bidder.
  • Paying Rent: Landing on a property owned by another player requires you to pay rent, the price depending on the property's development.
  • Houses and Hotels: Improve your properties by buying houses and hotels to increase rent.
  • Jail: Landing on "Go to Jail" sends your piece directly to jail. Get out by rolling doubles, using a "Get Out of Jail Free" card, or paying a $50 fine.
  • Free Parking: Official rules do not include collecting money from the middle of the board when landing on Free Parking. This is a common house rule.
  • Auctioning: If a player decides not to buy an unowned property they land on, it must be auctioned to the highest bidder among the remaining players, including the player who refused to buy.


Chance Card Odds

Chance Card Number of Cards Chance Good or Bad?
Move to a property, railroad, or utility 7 44% Depends
Pay money to the bank or other players 3 19% Bad
Cash reward 2 13% Good
Advance to Go 1 6% Good
Go to Jail 1 6% Usually Bad
Get Out Of Jail Free Card 1 6% Good
Go Back 3 Spaces (to either Income Tax, New York Avenue, or Community Chest) 1 6% Depends

Community Card Odds

Community Chest Card Number of Cards Chance Good or Bad?
Cash reward 9 56% Good
Pay money to the bank or other players 4 26% Bad
Advance to Go 1 6% Good
Go to Jail 1 6% Usually Bad
Get Out Of Jail Free Card 1 6% Good

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Strategy Tips

Property Accumulation

  • Focus on Monopolies: Prioritize acquiring a complete color group to build houses and hotels.
  • Railroads and Utilities: Railroads are valuable for consistent income. Utilities are less crucial but can be handy in the early game.

Building and Development

  • Build Evenly: You must build evenly across properties in a monopoly—don't move to the next level of building on any property until all properties have the same number of houses.
  • Four House Strategy: Consider keeping four houses on your properties longer before upgrading to hotels to create a housing shortage for your opponents.

Trading and Negotiation

  • Trade for Monopolies: Use trades to complete your color groups, even if it means overpaying slightly. Monopolies provide the game's best return on investment.
  • Be Strategic with Trades: Don’t be afraid to trade early to secure a strong position. Keep an eye on what your opponents need and use that to your advantage.

Financial Management

  • Manage Cash Reserves: Always have enough cash on hand to pay rent on the most expensive property, especially if your opponents have developed monopolies.
  • Mortgage for Growth: Don't hesitate to mortgage less valuable properties to fund the development of your monopolies.

Useful Tips

Advanced Tips

  • Jail Strategy: In the late game, staying in jail can protect you from paying high rents. Use this time to manage your properties and plan your next moves.
  • Timing: Timing is crucial for development; start building when you anticipate opponents landing on your properties.
  • Stay Alert: Always be aware of your opponents' cash reserves, property holdings, and potential moves.
  • Adapt: Be flexible with your strategies. The game's dynamics can change quickly based on dice rolls, card draws, and player decisions.