YouTube cheat sheet

YouTube cheat sheet. Explore our ultimate quick reference for YouTube.

Unlock the full potential of your YouTube experience with this comprehensive cheat sheet, covering essential keyboard shortcuts, user experience tips, and strategies for content discovery and management. Perfect for viewers looking to enhance their watching habits and navigate YouTube more efficiently. From mastering playback controls to customizing privacy settings, this guide is your key to a more enjoyable and personalized YouTube journey.

YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts

Basic Playback Controls

Shortcut Action
Space Play/Pause when the seek bar is selected, activate a button if a button has focus
K Play/Pause in player
Left/Right Seek backward/forward 5 seconds
J Seek backward 10 seconds in player
L Seek forward 10 seconds in player
Home Seek to the beginning of the video
End Seek to the last seconds of the video
Up/Down Increase/Decrease volume 5%
M Mute/unmute the video
1-9 Seek to the 10-90% of the video

Advanced Playback Controls

Shortcut Action
> Increase playback speed
< Decrease playback speed
. Move forward a single frame (while paused)
, Move back a single frame (while paused)
F Activate full screen, press again (or Esc) to exit
T Toggle theater mode
W Toggle default view mode from theater mode
Shortcut Action
0 Seek to the beginning of the video
/ Go to search box
Shift + N Move to the next video
Shift + P Move to the previous video
C Activate closed captions and subtitles, press again to hide
Shift + . Increase caption size
Shift + , Decrease caption size
I Launch the Miniplayer
Esc Exit full screen, close miniplayer, close dialogs
Tab Move focus to the next control
Shift + 1 Move between H1 headers
Shift + A Toggle autoplay next video

Using YouTube

Video Quality and Playback

  • Changing Video Quality: Manually adjust the video resolution in the video settings for an optimal viewing experience or to save on data usage.
  • Looping Videos: Right-click on the video and select "Loop" to continuously replay the video.

Managing Subscriptions and Notifications

  • Subscription Management: Organize subscriptions by creating categories or 'Collections' for streamlined access to preferred content.
  • Notification Settings: Customize which notifications you receive from subscribed channels to stay updated without overload.

Discovering New Content

  • Using Filters: Employ search filters to find videos, channels, and live streams sorted by criteria such as upload date, view count, and relevance.
  • Exploring YouTube Trends: Visit the Trending page to discover popular videos in your country or worldwide, categorized by music, gaming, news, and more.

Privacy and Security

  • Incognito Mode: Activate incognito mode in the YouTube app to watch videos without influencing your search history or recommendations.
  • Clearing History: Navigate to Settings > History & privacy to clear your watch and search history.

Customizing User Experience

  • Dark Mode: Enable dark mode from the YouTube settings for a comfortable viewing experience in low-light conditions.
  • Playback Speed: Adjust the playback speed of videos to watch content at a faster or slower pace, accessible through the video settings menu.

YouTube Premium Benefits

  • Ad-Free Viewing: Enjoy videos without interruptions, access to background play, and YouTube Music with a YouTube Premium subscription.
  • Downloading Videos: Download videos and playlists to watch offline, available exclusively for YouTube Premium subscribers.

Interactive Features

  • Using Polls and Live Chats: Participate in polls and engage with live chats during streams for interactive viewing.
  • Community Tabs: Interact with content creators through posts, polls, and updates in the Community tab for a more engaged community experience.