Air Fryer Cooking Times cheat sheet

Air Fryer Cooking Times cheat sheet. Explore our ultimate lifestyle quick reference for Air Fryer Cooking Times.

Maximize the potential of your air fryer with this essential cheat sheet, featuring precise temperatures and timings for a variety of meats, seafood, vegetables, and frozen foods. Ensure perfectly cooked dishes every time with additional tips on oil usage, food flipping, and batch cooking. For further air frying mastery, explore the links provided for expert advice and innovative cooking techniques.

Air Fryer Cooking Times


Food Item Temp Time
Beef meatballs (1.5-2 oz balls / 1.5-2 in) 350°F/176°C 15–20 min
Hamburger (6 oz / 1 in) 400°F/204°C 10–15 min
Roast beef (boneless, bottom round, 4 lb / 4 in) 320°F/160°C 40–50 min
Steak - ribeye (1 lb / 1 in) 400°F/204°C 7–9 s.s.
Steak - sirloin (1 lb / 1 in) 400°F/204°C 8–9 s.s.
Steak - filet (1 lb / 1 in) 400°F/204°C 9–12 s.s.


Food Item Temp Time
Chicken breast (boneless, skinless 8 oz) 360°F/182°C 15–20 min
Chicken legs/drumstick (1 lb) 380°F/193°C 15–18 min
Chicken meatballs (1 1/2-2 oz balls /1 1/2-2 in) 380°F/193°C 10–15 min
Chicken thigh (boneless, skinless 5 oz) 380°F/193°C 15–18 min
Chicken thigh (skin on, bone In 6 oz) 380°F/193°C 20–25 min
Chicken wings (1 lb) 380°F/193°C 25–30 min

Fish & Seafood

Food Item Temp Time
Breaded shrimp (1 lb / medium) 350°F/176°C 8–10 min
Jumbo shrimp (1 lb / jumbo) 370°F/187°C 6–8 min
Salmon (5 oz / 1 in) 350°F/176°C 6–8 min
Scallops (1 oz / 1 in) 400°F/204°C 5–7 min
Shrimp (1 lb / medium) 370°F/187°C 6–8 min
Tilapia (5 oz / 1/2 in) 350°F/176°C 6–8 min

Pork & Bacon & Lamb

Food Item Temp Time
Bacon (320°F/160°C 6–8 min
Bacon (thick sliced ) 320°F/160°C 9–12 min
Pancetta 320°F/160°C 6–8 min
Pork chop (boneless 7 oz / 1 1/4 in) 400°F/204°C 12–14 min
Pork chop (bone-in 8 oz / 1 1/4 in) 400°F/204°C 16–18 min
Pork tenderloin (1 lb / 2 in) 350°F/176°C 15–18 min
Sausage (3 oz / 1 in) 400°F/204°C 8–12 min


Food Item Temp Time
Acorn squash (1½ lb / 2 in) 370°F/188°C 25–35 min
Asparagus (1 lb / ½ in) 400°F/204°C 6–8 min
Beets (1 lb / 1½ in) 300°F/149°C 40–45 min
Broccoli (florets 10 oz) 300°F/149°C 10–15 min
Brussels sprouts (10 oz / halved) 300°F/149°C 20–30 min
Butternut squash (cubed 10 oz / ¾ in) 400°F/204°C 15–20 min
Carrots (whole 1 lb / ¾ in) 400°F/204°C 10–15 min
Cauliflower (florets 10 oz) 300°F/149°C 15–20 min
Corn (1 lb) 400°F/204°C 10–15 min
Eggplant (cubed 8 oz / 1 in) 400°F/204°C 8–12 min
Mushrooms (12 oz) 400°F/204°C 7–10 min
Red bell peppers (2 bell peppers) 400°F/204°C 25–30 min

Frozen Foods

Food Item Temp Time
Broccoli florets (16 oz) 400°F/204°C 14 min
Brussels sprouts (16 oz) 400°F/204°C 16 min
Chicken nuggets (8 oz) 380°F/193°C 8–12 min
Fish sticks (8 oz) 380°F/193°C 6–8 min
French fries (1 lb) 380°F/193°C 15–20 min
Frozen salmon (5.5 oz / 1.5 in) 390°F/199°C 16–18 min
Frozen shrimp (1 lb / small–medium) 380°F/193°C 6–8 min
Mozzarella sticks (8 oz) 380°F/193°C 6–8 min
Onion rings (1 lb) 380°F/193°C 5–7 min
Pizza rolls (8 oz) 380°F/193°C 15–18 min
Tater tots (8 oz) 380°F/193°C 10–15 min

Useful Tips

15 Additional Tips

  1. Preheat Information: Always check if your air fryer model requires preheating before adding your food.
  2. Shake/Flip Interval: Some foods benefit from being shaken or flipped halfway through cooking to ensure even cooking.
  3. Batch Information: For larger servings, cook in batches to ensure that air flow isn't hindered, which can affect cooking times.
  4. Oil Recommendation: A light spray of oil can enhance the texture and flavor of many foods in the air fryer.
  5. Size/Thickness Variance: Adjust cooking times based on the size and thickness of the food items.
  6. Seasoning Tips: Season your food before air frying for enhanced flavor. Consider a basic mix of salt, pepper, garlic powder, and paprika.
  7. Doneness Indicators: Use visual cues like golden-brown color or texture, such as crispness, to check for doneness.
  8. Post-Cooking Resting Time: Allow meats to rest after cooking to let the juices redistribute for a moist result.
  9. Safety Tips: Always ensure meats reach the safe minimum internal temperature to avoid foodborne illnesses.
  10. Nutritional Information: Be mindful of additional calories if you are using oil, and consider the nutritional content of your seasonings.
  11. Accessibility Features: Utilize accessories like silicone baskets or parchment liners for easier handling and cleaning.
  12. Brand Specifics: Some air fryers may cook faster or slower, so adjust the times and temperatures according to your specific model.
  13. Alternative Names: Recognize that some foods may be known by different names in different regions.
  14. Serving Suggestions: Pair your air-fried foods with healthy sides, such as a fresh salad or steamed vegetables.
  15. Storage and Reheating Instructions: Air-fried foods are best eaten fresh, but if you have leftovers, store them properly and reheat in the air fryer for best results.